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UKAT Forum Registration / Details

Please read the terms & conditions

UKAT Forum membership is for the PERSONAL use of individual Automotive Technicians and Independent Garage owners ONLY, to create discussion about the uk automotive industry. In order to maintain high standards, we would ask members to follow a few basic rules when posting to the UK AutoTalk forums

If you are an Independent Garage owner or Technician and you also sell automotive equipment or products, you MUST NOT promote your equipment or products on any forum.

1) Please keep your motor trade discussion and technical posting relevant to the uk automotive industry

2) Please do not post messages that may be interpreted as OFFENSIVE or LIABLE towards any automotive company/manufacturer/individual or motor trade organization (world wide)

3) Please remember that our motor trade image and source of income relies on CUSTOMERS so please treat them with respect

4) Please make sure the vehicle is in your workshop. Then ONLY post to the Technical Discussion Forums once you have carried out all the relevant test and checks with the equipment and technical information at your disposal. Please do not pre-post about problems (i.e. The vehicle is booked in next week, have you had this problem before etc.). Once you have repaired the vehicle, then please POST the FIX at the bottom of your original message. Please do not start a fresh post about a FIX

5) Please supply your FULL NAME when posting and replying to messages (please do not type your posts in upper case)

6) If you feel that some of the content is OFFENSIVE then please contact UK AutoTalk and we will review the content and if required we will DELETE when possible. UK AutoTalk reserve the right to remove any posts that we feel are not relevant to that forum, or are of a poor technical quality and lack relevant information (i.e. complete vehicle details and all the tests you have carried out prior to posting)

7) Copyright of all messages posted belongs to UK AutoTalk and the posting member. Please do not copy, or reproduce any of the technical information without prior consent from UK AutoTalk or the posting member

8) UK AutoTalk cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information posted on these boards. The posting member is solely responsible for the content of that post

UKAT Forum membership is £25.00 plus vat per year payable by credit or debit card using our secure online form.

We will send you a username & password by e-mail. Please allow up to 3 working days for transactions to be processed. Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:00pm tel: 01737 771929

In 12 months we will renew your membership from the card details you have supplied. If your card details expire before your renewal is due, we will send you an e-mail to update your card details

To unsubscribe at any time, just e-mail us your username and we will remove your details from our database, your card will not be debited and you will not be sent a reminder to renew your membership

If you AGREE to the above terms and conditions, then please click the appropriate link below and you will be taken to the UKAT Forum membership application form

Secure UKAT Forum Payment Link

GDPR: All members details will be held secure, your details WILL NOT be shared with any THIRD PARTIES. We will ONLY email you about your subscription renewal. Members that leave the UK AutoTalk will have their details permanently deleted from our database. If you have any concerns or require more information then please contact us on 01737 771929

Workshop Data Registration / Payment Details

14 Day Free Trial Registration (click on the grey "Register for FREE trial" button)

Workshop Data: Everything a workshop needs to service, diagnose and repair moders motor vehicles, includes wiring diagrams and 2 user licence £449.00 plus vat for 12 months user licence

DataPLUS: For a small additional cost add DataPLUS, includes Common Problems, OE Technical Bulletins and Fixes £50.00 plus vat for a 12 months user licence

Secure Workshop Data Payment Link

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